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Green Life Specialty Dental Clinic

Green Life Specialty Dental Clinic is established in 2018 to provide best dental service in Ethiopia with superior quality and state-of-the-art technologies. what makes us different from other dental clinics, as there are many are our skilled professionals and the correct practice of dental science; we don’t have room for mistakes.
Dental care
Welcome to Green life specialty dental clinic
What makes green life speciality dental clinic distinct from others in the field is our scientific approach to dealing with dental problems. We provide dental treatment and therapy systematically aided by our modern and equipped technologies.

Our clinic is led by Dr-Robera Chala , who is a very experienced dentist. After obtaining his first doctorate degree , he got additional on job training by Korean dentists .
Why choose Green Life Specialty Dental Clinic?
Easy booking
Booking an appointment at our dental clinic is as easy you must click Contact Us only!
Dental care
Experience Dentist
we are experianced by a good care and managment in brace terapy and esthetical dentistry.
dental care
New Technologies
Using news techniques and specialized mechanism in modern aesthetic dentistry, and guarantees for our customer.
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Best price guarantee
Our reasonable prices made thousands of people smile with a new, beautiful smile, as never before!!
Our Services
Root planing
Replacing Missing Teeth
Orthodontic treatment
root canal
root canal treatment
Bleaching/ Whitening